All fittings include insertion and removal training, and personalized recommendations for lens disinfection systems, wearing schedules and follow up care.

According to federal law, contact lens prescriptions expire in one year. To place orders for contact lens, please call 617-426-0370 or click here to place the order on-line.


Our philosophy is to provide the optimal lens for each given patient. A continually increasing number of options in contact lens are available, thereby allowing greater success in achieving a successful outcome. Our contact lens laboratory maintains a large inventory of diagnostic contact lenses, including the majority of manufacturers, which facilitates and expedites the fitting process.

Payment for lenses

We participate in a variety of vision insurance plans which can help to defray the cost of contact lenses. Please check with your insurance carrier to see if Korb & Associates is a participating provider. The costs of medically necessary lenses, which require multiple fitting visits and custom lens designs, may or may not be a covered by medical or vision insurance plans. For these situations, we suggest that you check with your insurance company regarding their policies prior to your appointment. Our staff will work with patients to help navigate the complex insurance landscape to optimize coverage for services and materials.  Alana Baker is our contact lens service co-ordinator and is available to answer any questions.

Contact Lens Solutions Products

The contact lens solutions listed below, which our research and experience have shown to be most beneficial, are available in the office. For hard lenses, we offer wetting, soaking and cleaning solutions. For soft lenses, we have cleaning, saline, disinfecting solutions, and enzyme tablets. Solutions can be ordered by phone or mail for mail delivery.

If you are unable to find our recommended solutions in a store, please call the office to check availability. Also, please call our office prior to changing brands of solutions.

Rigid Lenses:

  1. Sereine™
    • Contact lens cleaner
    • Contact lens soaking and cleaning
    • Contact lens wetting
  2. Optimum™ by Lobob
    • Cleaning, disinfecting and storage
    • Extra strength cleaning
    • Wetting and Rewetting

Soft Lenses:

  1. Opticlean II™
  2. Clear Care™
  3. Peroxicare™

For non-preserved saline we recommend PuriLens, Addipak 0.9% NaCL in 3ml vials or LacriPure