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I don’t think you could ask for a better eye doctor than Dr. Korb. He has been my mom’s eye doctor for at least twenty years. I’ve been a patient for almost 13 years. We used to commute 2 hours from Maine for each appointment – he’s that good! I’ve always found him to be incredibly receptive to any issues I’m having with my lenses, and I have great trust in his care. It’s always nice to have an eye doctor with such significant expertise in soft contacts and dry eye (among many other topics, I’m sure), as well as such a kind demeanor.

I was recently at Dr. Korb’s office as I had slept with my contacts in overnight and developed a  severely adverse reaction to sunlight. I made a very last minute appointment with Dr. Nau. Despite my arriving late at 3:10 for a 2:30 appointment (due to traffic), she was still willing to stay late (on a Friday summer evening!) to see me and even update my glasses prescription. I’m so grateful to Dr. Nau and can’t imagine using a different group of eye doctors. Thank you Korb & Associates.

Emily L, Boston, MA

Dr. Korb and Dr. Exford are about as good as it gets. They are nationally known optometrists and world renowned researchers. For those of us with difficult prescriptions – I have astigmatism and very sensitive eyes – hence I have a challenging time getting my prescription right. Dr Korb and Dr. Exford have gone above and beyond to make sure I am comfortable. As well, they have a great selection of frames and a beautiful space that is well lit to try on different styles.You can go in at any time to try on frames. Courtney, who takes care of fitting frames and getting your prescription filled, is as sweet as they come, patient and caring.  Think we did one perscription 3 times as I could not manage the full correction. They call with appointment reminders and are online so that is helpful.  I always see friends and neighbors in the waiting room – a good sign! This is a wonderful, well respected practice in Boston and I am grateful for their attention to detail and their years of experience. There is meter parking on Commonwealth Avenue and a lot behind their building – a big plus!


Dr. Korb is literally the world’s greatest eye doctor. I was having tremendous problems with my soft contact lenses years ago (my eyes had started rejecting them, and my eyes were irritable, red, sore, puffy, etc. and it was looking increasingly likely that I was going to have to resign myself to only wearing eyeglasses or entertaining the possibility of a Lasik eye surgery). Then I went to Dr. Korb – he came up with a brilliant strategy for me to continue wearing soft contact lenses, which was by far my preference. Over a decade later and my eyes have never felt better.

If you’re looking for a highly trained, highly skilled, brilliant and exceedingly kind and generous eye doctor, then look no further than Dr. Korb. I swear I am a patient and not an advertising company or an internet troll. This man has innovated some of the most amazing technological advances in eyewear (the thin-membrane soft contact lens – used today in every type of soft lens including dailies and monthlies), but yet is still the kindest and most skilled practitioner.

Could not more highly recommend anyone – go see Dr. Korb for all your eyesight issues!!

Michael B, Manhattan, NY

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Helen T

I am very fortunate to be a patient of Dr. Korb.  Along with his unparalleled expertise, he is a warm, compassionate person.  I have a very challenging prescription.  He makes me feel as if I am his first priority and takes his time to ensure the prescription perfect. His assistant Terry is always cheerful and pleasant. She makes sure my follow up appointments are scheduled and my insurance properly billed.  I will always be thankful that I was referred to Dr. Korb and his office.


F Mark G

I’ve been seeing Dr. Korb for nearly a decade and I have been more than pleased with him.  Overall exams are complete and thorough.  He is friendly and patient explaining conditions in an easy way that you can understand.  He also saw something in my exam that drew his concern and recommended a retina specialist for his consultation.

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I’ve seen EVERY optometrist at Korb & Associates. They’re all pretty well-acclaimed in the field, so you can’t really go wrong with seeing any of them for whatever your pretty little browns, blues, or greens need. Korb & Associates is quite a gem in the world of optometry.

I was a patient of Dr. Korb originally, but he’s a busy man with his research, lectures, practice, etc., and was booked for a month. When I needed yearly check-ups, Dr. Exford and Dr. Finnemore had open appointments sooner, so I saw both of them at separate times.

I hate to play favorites, but er, I will. Dr. Korb is by far my favorite. He’s extremely friendly and will talk to you about the most random things during your appointment. Dr. Finnemore’s pretty straightforward and professional, and Dr. Exford (who I BELIEVE is Dr. Korb’s wife, but correct me if I’m wrong) reminds me of a really nice auntie you always wished you had.

They’re all very professional, good at what they do, and are more than happy to answer any questions you have. Plus, they’re usually relatively quick and efficient, so I’m a fan.

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What our dry eye patient patient say

Relief from dry eye

I have been seeing Dr. Finnemore at Korb & Associates for about 35 years. I got contact lenses at 16. They only had hard lenses at the time. In my early 20s, my eyes were abrased from the hard lenses, probably due to a bad fitting. My optometrist at the time didn’t know what to do and referred me to this practice. I saw Dr. Finnemore and he said my eyes were so badly damaged that I only had a 50% – 50% chance of wearing contact lenses again. Needless to say, I was about ready to jump off the Tobin bridge since my lenses in my glasses were Coke bottle thick. But Dr. Finnemore performed miracles and fit me with soft lenses that I could wear. In addition to being extremely myopic, I also have astigmatism in one eye.
This practice is world reknowned for it’s research. They have all the latest high tech equipment and are experts in eye care. They are more like ophthalmologists than optometrists. Dr. Finnemore diagnosed an eye infection that my family practitioner could not.
Over the years, I have referred my mother, sister, and husband to Dr. Finnemore. We all love him. I have also seen Dr. Korb, and Dr. Exford who are also excellent.
Sadly for me, Dr. Finnemore is retiring. I will miss him greatly. I have trusted my bad eye sight to him for most of my adult life. My eyes will miss him!

Mry C, Winchester, MA